At Sunrise, our vision is to see every client leading healthy, responsible, and caring lives following the success of their treatment plan. With the assistance of our first-rate clinical support and supervision, we strive to achieve permanent positive results with our clients.


Mission Statement

Sunrise Health Clinics strives to deliver client-centered strength-based care to restore individuals, families, and their environment to the highest level of functioning using cost-effective and responsive treatment plans with stellar medical and clinical supervision.



Statement of Modality

Sunrise_Body_Horizontal_2Sunrise Health Clinics believes that treatment should be personalized, client-centered, guided by professional expertise, and respectful of a patient’s confidentiality and knowledge of their own individual circumstance. With the guardian or individual’s dedicated participation, trained and licensed staff will work in partnership with clients to create measurable and attainable goals. Sunrise aspires to provide:

  • Secure Access to Documentation;
  • Understanding Professionals;
  • New Technological Competence;
  • Respect for Client-Based Treatment;
  • Inspirational Empowering Providers;
  • Superior Results;
  • Effective Evaluation of Medical Necessity

Sunrise_Body_Horizontal_3Sunrise believes that treatment must be monitored with quantitative transparent inspections of policies, procedures, and quality assurance that allows any fiscal, state, government, and clinical partners the ability to confidently evaluate the effectiveness of services daily through technological advances in HIPAA compliant case file documentation. Sunrise offers caseworkers and fiscal agents immediate access to shared clients’ daily updates and monthly progress reports through ICANotes case file documentation that can be accessed from the comfort of their desk. Sunrise surpasses other agencies with unique high-tech software such as Practice Fusion for internal medicine and primary care. The attention to technological advances exceeds all required levels of quality assurance to provide the confidence and comfort any referring agency needs to establish new partnerships.