• Medical Assessment Team Meeting
  • Development of Treatment Plan
  • Obtaining Signed Treatment Plans
  • Medical Files with Signed Documents Created
  • Follow Up During 90 Days
  • 30-day Progress Notes
  • Changes to Treatment Plan



  • AFTER THE MDA TEAM EVALUATION, the administration team steps in.
  • TREATMENT PLAN DEVELOPMENT –PHASE ONE – The Clinical Executive Administrative Assistant types in the pre-determined treatment goals, the treatment plan, and creates a PAR.
  • TREATMENT PLAN DEVELOPMENT – PHASE TWO – The family is contacted to review the treatment goals, and the Medical Director approves the PAR. The Executive Director does a final proof, and an admin executive submits the PAR.
  • OBTAINING SIGNED TREATMENT PLANS – Upon approval for services from the fiscal agent, the Direct Supervisor obtains copies of treatment plans and meets face-to-face with the client and the new service provider. Services are explained including the types and amounts, and signatures on treatment plans are obtained.
  • MEDICAL FILES w/ SIGNED DOCUMENTS CREATED – The Intake Director or Medical Office Manager creates a medical file for each client containing signed treatment plans, consent forms, and medical insurance information.
  • FOLLOW UP DURING THE 90 DAYS – The Direct Supervisor makes unanticipated calls to reinforce direct client involvement in treatment plans, and assess the performance of service providers. A minimum of one face-to-face meeting and 2-5 documented phone calls. Any derogatory calls from clients will result in an immediate investigation, face-to-face meeting with the Direct Supervisor and Clinical Supervisor, and any requested adjustments to treatment or providers.
  • 30 DAY PROGRESS NOTES – Providers and therapists are required to create a 30-day progress report that is reviewed by the Medical Director’s Assessment Team for evaluation of continued services, reduced services, or
    discharge plans. The Medical Director shall contact providers directly, either face-to-face or by telephonic calls as deemed necessary.
  • CHANGES TO TREATMENT PLANS – Upon review of daily and monthly progress notes combined with client participation in treatment, the medical team will denote changes to treatment on the 30-day reviews and modify treatment plans as needed. Providers are encouraged to note needed adjustments or client requests for modification on daily notes.