Outpatient Clinic Services

ABA therapy and autism treatment systemically apply interventions based on principles of the Learning Theory using a Focus or Comprehensive Model. This is done to significantly improve social behaviors in an autistic or neuro-cognitive delayed child’s natural setting.

We assess patients for their medication related needs with psychiatric nurse and family practitioners, and psychiatrists who formulate and implement care plans to address managing life’s challenges with pharmaceutical medication.

Primary care for women begins with wellness care for girls and women with private, in-office checkups. Advanced obstetrical, high-risk, and gynecological services from prenatal care to menopause are delivered in a comfortable, relaxed environment staffed by a warm, compassionate, and experienced medical team.

Coming soon we’ll offer general health care, routine physical exams, check-ups for sexual health, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, STD’s and urinary tract infection treatment, as well as colon, prostate, and testicular cancer screenings.

Understanding addiction can begin with receiving the necessary knowledge, resources, and confidential help you need. We provide medical treatment, detox, counseling, and addiction support to help you understand if you have a problem. If you or a loved one need support, our highly skilled licensed addiction counselors and therapists are here to help you kick start your recovery! Call today!

We do psychological testing! With progress updates from in-home/community therapists, case workers, psycho-social rehabilitation, and basic skills services, clients can receive referrals for testing.

Our team of therapists are trained and experienced in individual, family, and group therapy. We are here to support your personal and family goals. Let’s improve communication with family members, solve problems, and handle private family situations such as: death, physical illness, mental health, and children or marital issues confidentially.