HIV, Addiction & Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction crosses every race, background, financial status, economic and social class.  It doesn’t just affect those battling addiction, but their loved ones as well.  Along with addiction can come challenges with HIV. Receive treatment with dignity and respect. Treatment for addiction has to be more than just sitting in a group or being in a dangerous facility with others that are court-mandated to be there or really don’t care.  What about the lies we have to tell to cover up an addiction for or from our loved one, or the lies we tell ourselves that our addiction really isn’t addiction at all.  We can stop any time right?  What about the places we’ve woken up or the things we did when we weren’t sober?  It doesn’t have to be a secret or life of shame. Sometimes, we just need a listening ear and help to find our way.

If you would like someone to meet your confidentially in the community, in-office one-on-one, in a medical setting, NOT in a medical setting, under a bridge, in your high-powered high-rise office, or at home; we are here to provide personalized care.

Addiction and Substance Abuse - Help
Addiction and Substance Abuse - Help
Addiction and Substance Abuse

Help for the Disabled and Homeless

If you have multiple diagnoses, disabilities, or find yourself homeless, we have worked with clients for as long as it took to get them into their own apartment or home.  Walk- ins are welcome.  We will help.  We care.