Children’s Services

Children don’t come with a manual, and no matter how much we love them or how wonderful they can be, sometimes we need a little help.  Our children’s services can be basic medical services such as physicals, immunizations or sick days where you just need a doctor’s slip for school.  If children require a COVID test to return to their classroom, we can test TODAY and have them back in school if they are healthy tomorrow.

If your child has ADD, ADHD, serious aggression issues, tantrums that are out of control or issues related to school, let us help you find solutions that can include providing in-home care to get them ready for school or to bed at night.  Aiding children in attending to their tasks like school assignments, organizing their school projects or messy bedroom, or staying out of trouble in school and forming new friendships, we can help.

If you find yourself feeling alone, feeling like a failure as a parent, losing control of a teenager, or dealing with serious legal issues such as CPS inquiries or legal battles over custody, we can provide therapeutic services for parenting skills, coping strategies or just a listening ear to talk.  We can help your child; we can help you.  Services are FUN, include play therapy, music & art interventions, and age-appropriate methods to reach and teach your child to calm down and bond with the family.  Message us to learn more about how we can help your child or family today.

School Issues